Notice Concerning April Utility Bills

Notice to customers receiving Utility Bills through the US Mail - We have been made aware that our third-party print/mail contractor erroneously mailed out February bills this month and not the March bills that are due 4/15/2024. This issue DOES NOT effect those that receive an emailed bill or the balances that show on the customer portal.
Today, April 5, corrected paper bills will be in the mail and you should start to receive those early next week. These corrected bills are clearly marked as shown below and show a due date of 4/15/2024.
Here are some important notes:
*Payments are due by April 15 to avoid late fees assessed on the 16th. If payment is not received by April 25, your account is subject to disconnect. These are the standard dates.
*If a partial payment is made this month due to this billing issue, the remaining balance will be added to your May bill and will not result in any late fees or cut offs.
*If an overpayment is made this month, a credit for the overage will be reflected on your May bill as is standard practice.
*If you are set up on auto-pay, the correct amount due will be drafted on the appropriate date.
* Correct billing information can be found and payments can be made at the customer portal at
*Customer Service is available for any questions or verifications of amounts due by calling 806-855-4120
We want our customers to know that the City is doing everything we can on our side to ensure accurate and timely billing. We have asked our contractor to put additional safeguards in place immediately to prevent this issue from happening again. Thank you for your patience.