Wastewater Department

The wastewater/sewer department is responsible for the collection of wastewater and its transmission to the treatment facility. This includes the operation, maintenance, and repair of sewer lines, manholes and lift stations that connect to the system. 

Sewer issues:
If you are experiencing a sewer backup at you home please contact the Public Works department at 806-855-4120. A city employee will check for any blockages in the city sewer line. If no blockage is found in the City line you will be advised to contact a plumber.

Don't block the drain:
Pouring cooking grease down the drain collects in the sewer system forming a solid grease log. This grease can obstruct the sewer line which can cause the sewer to backup into your home or business. 

Sewer on Call:
A public works employee is on call 24/7. If you need assistance please call 806-855-4120 and follow the prompts to reach the technician on duty.