Capital Improvement Plan

Capital improvement plans typically consist of one or more capital improvement projects, which are financed through a capital budget.  These plans lay out the financing, location, and timing for improvement projects over several years.   

The City of Wolfforth has implemented a Capital Improvement Plan that focuses on supporting the continuation of major capital asset investments through projects that will upgrade our water system infrastructure, as well as reflect the changing system needs of water acquisition. A critical element of a balanced CIP is to preserve and enhance existing facilities as well as provide new assets to respond to growth of the community and changing service needs.    

Wolfforth’s Capital Improvements Plan stems from two major Studies.  A Water System Study and a Water Supply Study were performed about 4 years ago and helped plant a vision for water system improvements that were anticipated based on the information available at the time.  In addition to and separate from those studies, Wolfforth has experienced unprecedented growth which has required modifications to the recommendations of those studies, as well as escalating the time frame for construction of some of our improvements.  

Water Supply Projects:

The Projects included in the CIP today are for Water Supply, Water Delivery, Water Storage, and Water Treatment.  You can see on the accompanying map there are several water supply projects:  

  • Lubbock North Interconnect: This is the second portion of a two-phase interconnect with the City of Lubbock for finished water.  This project will provide an additional 250,000 gallons per day from Lubbock to Wolfforth and is anticipated to be completed in 2026.  Projected cost:  $3 million. 
  • Loop 88 East Water Supply: This project will add about 1 million gallons per day of untreated water to our water supply.  Anticipated completion 2025.  Projected cost:  $1 million. 
  • Loop 88 North Water Supply: This project will provide an additional water supply for Wolfforth with enough anticipated production to last for decades into the future.  Anticipated completion 2026.  Projected cost $3 million. 
  • Harvest Water Supply: We have negotiated the exchange of groundwater and wells from the developer that will provide about 400,000 gallons per day of groundwater.  Project will be complete upon TCEQ approval.  Cost:  $726,000. 
  • Overlook Water Supply: Another negotiated exchange of groundwater and wells from the developer with an ultimate impact of about 1.1 million gallons per day.  Anticipated cost $1 million. 
Water Delivery Projects:
  • Proposed 12-inch Loop Line project currently under construction.  This project is anticipated to be complete this year, and will provide improvements to our ability to deliver water within the system.  The total cost is $1.4 million.   
  • Proposed 12-inch tank fill line.  Currently in final design phase.  Will provide for better interaction within existing water system and better functionality of existing elevated storage.  Anticipated completion 2024 with a cost of $326,500. 
  • Proposed 12-inch Harvest Waterline.  This will provide greater interconnection and redundancy of delivery to the Harvest Subdivision.  Anticipated cost $608,000.  Anticipated construction 2024. 
  • Proposed 12-inch Overlook Water Line.  Will provide greater system capacity by connecting to the western sections of the system.  Cost $365,000, anticipated construction 2024.   
Water Storage Project:
  • A new, 500,000-gallon elevated storage tank will be constructed at a location generally depicted on the attached drawingThis project will also include the removal of two small existing elevated storage tanksThis project has been approved by the TCEQ and is awaiting fundingConstruction time is estimated at 24 months, total cost $5.3 million.    
Water Treatment:
  • We are currently in the final stages of design for EDR Treatment Plant #2Site selection is underway, estimated cost is $15 million with a construction period of 24-30 months.  
Completed Projects:

In addition to these projects, we’ve already completed the following: 

  • Lubbock South Interconnect isn’t shown on this drawing because it’s a completed project.  In June 2023 we completed an interconnect with Lubbock that allowed us to receive 500,000 gallons per day of treated water from Lubbock.  Total cost for this project was $807,000.   
  • Booster Pump Station upgrades.  Added additional delivery capacity to our system, completed in late 2023, total cost $229,500. 
  • Addition of Wells 19, 20, and 21 
Download the CIP Map Here
CIP Map 1 - Copy.PNG
CIP Map 2