A Pirate Ship Crew with Servant Hearts

When my kids were toddlers, my husband and I made the decision to move our family to Tiger Street in Frenship Mesa. We knew we wanted to raise our kids in a community that values family, education, and their neighbors. What we didn’t know we were getting was a Halloween tradition that looks something like a Hallmark movie. I always jokingly ask if the new neighbors have been warned, as kids file in by the thousands. The entire neighborhood is a popular destination, as many neighbors decorate and participate; you can find karaoke, basketball, and cotton candy! At the center of that Halloween dream is the Wolfforth Pirate Ship.  

This tradition started back in 2005 and has grown into something that many families make a yearly outing to attend. The ship and its crew mates have grown into so much more than just a pirate ship. This crew gives out free popcorn and hot chocolate, over 100 gallons of it just this year! They have games for the kids to play, they hand out stuffed animals, t-shirts, pirate swords, basketballs, and more. What does it cost to participate? Nothing. This Pirate Captain and his crew deserve to be recognized for what they do for our community. They have true servant hearts and a love for our precious community.  

My kids are almost grown now, but I can’t personally thank the Pirate Ship Crew and my former neighbors enough for what they do to create a neighborhood that makes it a safe and fun place to enjoy Halloween. If you missed it this year, make plans to see all of Frenship Mesa next year. These guys know how to create the perfect Halloween! 

A Huge Thank you from the Economic Development Corporation Director! 
Here are some pics from this year's Halloween, and maybe a few pirate memories of the past! 
Pirate Ship Crew

Tiger Street 3

 Pirate Ship 1

Pirate ship 2
Pirate ship 3
Pirate ship 4
cotton candy
Tiger street 2

Tiger Street
Old pic of girls
Old pic of Nat