FAQ-Code Enforcement

How do I report a violation?
To report a violation, you can go online using the link provided: REPORT A VIOLATION.  Here you can report a nuisance, junked vehicle, or property maintenance violation.
How many days do I have to correct a violation?
The timeline varies depending on the type of violation.  You will find the timeframe to complete the violation on the form that is mailed to you.  Below is where you will locate the information.
How do I pay an invoice for an abatement?
There are several ways you can pay for an invoice.  Any of the following options are available:

  • send a check to PO Box 36 Wolfforth, TX 79382 with your invoice or invoice number
  • Call 806-855-4120 and they can direct your call
  • Come in person to 302 Main Street Wolfforth, TX 79382