Internet Policy


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The City of Wolfforth provides free public Internet access to library clients during regular operating hours.  The following regulations are in effect:

  1. Our public Internet access is not filtered.  Parents or guardians are responsible for minors’ Internet use and choice of web sites. 

  2. Walk-in clients may use the Internet in one-hour time segments, with longer usage allowed if no other clients are waiting for access.

  3. Reservations for Internet use may be made to guarantee access at a particular time.  Reservations may be made for two-hour time segments.

  4.  Printing charges are $0.10 per page.  Please be aware of how many pages you are printing.  We recommend highlighting desired text and printing that specific selection.

  5.  Internet access in the library is provided for research and educational purposes.  Inappropriate use will cancel Internet access privileges.  Inappropriate use includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Violating copyright laws

  2. Using library Internet facilities for financial gain, commercial activity, or any illegal activity.

  3. Use of impolite or abusive language

  4. Transmission or receipt of offensive or sexually explicit materials.

  5. Violation of the policies and procedures of other networks encountered on the Internet.

  6. Attempting to illegally enter any other computer system by “hacking” passwords of authorized users.

If you find a great web site, please share the address!